About Jo Daly

Jo Daly CCH is a distinguished homeopath, speaker, teacher and educator with over 30 years of professional experience.

Born and raised in the UK, Ms Daly began her studies in classical homeopathy as a young mother of three, attending The School of Homeopathy, Devon UK.
This was followed by post graduate studies with many world renowned homeopaths including George Vithoulkas (Greece), Roger Morrison (US), Joseph Reves (Israel), Misha Norland (UK), Jan Scholten (Holland), Jayesh Shah (India) and others.
Most recently her work has been informed by Dr Rajan Sankaran (Mumbai) whose revolutionary method has brought greater accuracy and efficiency to the homeopathic process. Ms Daly is a member of WISH – The World Institute for Sensation Homeopathy.


Ms. Daly is nationally certified by the Council for Homeopathic Certification, an accrediting organization dedicated to maintaining high standards of homeopathy in North America.


An experienced teacher and educator herself, Ms. Daly has been a founder and developer of two schools of homeopathy – The Pacific Academy of Homeopathic Medicine in California and The School of Homeopathy, New York where she was Dean of Education from 1998-2008. She also teaches internationally in UK, US and Japan.
Ms Daly is currently on the faculty of The School of Homeopathy, Devon UK.

Ms Daly is also a certified CEASE therapist.
CEASE is Complete Eradication of Autistic Spectrum Expressions and is a therapeutic approach used to treat this widespread condition.


Ms Daly has presented at many homeopathic conferences, published articles and conducts post graduate courses and study groups around the US.

Now a resident in Petaluma California, Ms Daly runs a family practice both in person and over skype.  In her practice, Ms Daly works with adults and children with a focus on individual needs. She is an excellent listener whose ability to empathize with and understand the unique needs of her clients makes working with her a fulfilling and insightful experience. Her understanding of the homeopathic healing process gives confidence to those who are new to this therapeutic approach.


As a young mother back in the 80’s I had an instinctive sense that my children’s health would flourish if I took a natural approach to their care and used pharmaceutical medicine as a last resort rather than a go-to. This led me to research alternative methods of healing and diet. I began to study homeopathy and used this solely on my three children when they were sick. We almost never needed doctors except for trauma and injury. Today those children are healthy adults, with no allergies or serious medical issues. They are raising their children –my grandchildren – in a similar way – because it works!!